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June & Six Month Totals

Bowerman and Choy

June Totals:
Miles: 295.89
Time on feet: 44:36:26 h:m:s
Max time: 2:32:26
Long run mileage: 16.60
Number of activities: 41

6 Month Totals:
Miles: 1,223.05
Time on feet: 202:11:12 h:m:s
Max time: 6:24:15
Long run mileage: 37.83
Number of activities: 153

I’m off the trails and on the roads! June was a pretty intense month. The pace started to get faster, the distances (on average) got longer, and consistency prevailed!

I’ve had to be creative with my long runs and hill work living in a flat metropolitan city. Luckily there are a few places that are hilly and routes that are uninterrupted with traffic. I like driving a little bit south to the Martinesville area where the country roads are rolling and are mostly free from traffic. I run all of my “track” workouts on the road to better simulate conditions for the Kaua’i Half Marathon.

I alternate between Ā strength building runs and speed work from week to week. One week will be about running hills and the next week will be about functional speed. The focus being on fatiguing my body by overloading stress with either speed or strength movements. The better I can hold my speed on tired legs, the better I’ll do in the race. I think this approach is best for Kaua’i because of the challenging course and the weather. I remember when I first ran the race it was hard to get into a rhythm with the rolling terrain.

The Kauai Marathon 2011

The weather in Central Indiana has been helping simulate conditions for Kaua’i. It’s been consistently in the low to mid 80’s with a high degree of humidity with a few windy days a week. Hopefully things don’t get out of hand this summer like it did last year when temps. hit an all time high almost daily.

July will be a heavy month in terms of mileage with longer distances at race pace. The key, as always, is to stay healthy. Luckily, I haven’t been hit with any injuries or illnesses.

What are your training philosophies? What workouts have you tried in the past? Any favorites? How were the results?