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What About Running?

It seems that I’ve been doing everything else except run recently, but I’m writing this post to reassure all of my fellow run nerds that I’ve been putting in miles. I took last week off because of back spasms caused by parkour and snow shoveling. I’m back at it this week, so far running one hour a day. Thanks to @mk_liveloverun for sharing some of those miles.

This week I’ll most likely hit 50+ miles on 6 days running. Next week I’ll be back to my base building schedule (the last two weeks!). In January I’ll be introducing some speed to my weekly runs before going all out February and March. I’m excited about my racing prospects in 2014. Looking forward to new PRs.

I didn’t race that much in 2013, that was intentional. I wanted to put in the kind of work in training that would carry me to a new level, being able to toe the line and know good things will happen. This current training plan is very aggressive on the miles. I feel that mileage is key to becoming a competitive racer.

I’m looking at my training from Camarillo Marathon to replicate a few behaviors and practices. It was my perfect race! I’m going to need to run with sub 3:00:00 peeps. I was also running about 20-30 miles of trail with 4,000 ft+ of climbing weekly along with Tuesday and Thursday speed work. Man, I miss those Gritty City runners!…and the San Gabriel Mountains!



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Week Three – Marathon Training Recap

It was a fun week of running. Tuesday run with the Gritty City peeps was a hoot. We’re slowly building momentum to run 2 miles of Brown Mt. in two weeks. Ran a successful tempo along Griffith where I managed to hit my times within 10 seconds and felt great after. No significant or lingering pain. The Mt. Wilson run beat me up pretty good. It wasn’t so much the climbing, but the heat. Regular soreness related to climbing 5,000ft. was felt the next day. After 2 days I’m back to norm, except for tightness in the gluteus area:-)

Started juicing again. Carrots, beets, and apples. Why those fruits and veggies? Because they’re on sale! Yams and Okinawan potatoes will continue to be consumed regularly. If you have recipes, share them – get them while they’re cheap! (I shop at Super King on Lincoln. Great prices on produce!) Also, incorporated a core regimen post recovery runs. Should help with posture up those hills.

Avg Time: 01:22:02 h:m:s
Distance: 37.88 mi
Calories: 3,796 C
Time: 06:50:10 h:m:s
Avg Distance: 7.58 mi
Median Distance: 7.41 mi
Max Distance: 13.40 mi
Median Time: 01:01:05 h:m:s
Max Time: 03:21:52 h:m:s
Avg Elevation Gain: 1,249 ft
Median Elevation Gain: 402 ft
Max Elevation Gain: 5,021 ft
Elevation Loss: 6,252 ft
Avg Elevation Loss: 1,250 ft
Median Elevation Loss: 409 ft
Max Elevation Loss: 5,019 ft
Max Avg Speed: 7.9 mph
Max Speed: 13.8 mph
Count: 5 Activities
Elevation Gain: 6,244 ft
Avg Speed: 5.5 mph

Garmin Run Profiles:
Sunday Recovery Run
Mt. Wilson Trail Run/Hike
Griffith 4 Mile Tempo Run
Wednesday Recovery Run
Tuesday Hill Repeats