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July 2013 Recap

Bowerman and ChoyMiles: 255.19
Time on feet: 37:20:02 h:m:s
Max time: 2:46:03
Long run mileage: 16.34
Number of activities: 30

July was a very inconsistent month for me. I modified a lot of my workouts by either cutting miles or skipping them altogether. I completed all of my “hard” workouts (intervals and tempos), but was less strict with my recovery and “easy” run days.

My favorite workouts are long intervals. This past month I ran 3x2miles, 8x1000m, 4x1mile, and 6x1200m. Each interval was run progressively faster, where the last one was at lung busting pace. I feel the leg turnover and aerobic toll during longer intervals more closely simulates and prepares the runner for the half-marathon “fast pace” rather than running 200m-400m sprints, which I will never be fast enough to utilize in a race.

Like my running, I’ve been inconsistent with my nutrition. Some weeks I eat really well; densely caloric and nutritionally healthy foods and other weeks I over-indulge in calorically unhealthy foods and beverages. My guilty pleasure remains anything from the McDonald’s dollar menu. Some days I end the day with a caloric debt, spending more than what I took in. Those days are followed by fatigue and my body craving “bad” carbs (usually satisfied by donuts, bacon, and chocolate milk).

The Kauai Half Marathon (AND WEDDING DAY!!!) is a month away and I feel like all I can do is execute the quality workouts and not get injured — I won’t get any faster or stronger. I’ve modified my goal based on how my pace training have gone. Instead of a sub 1:19:00, my new goal is 1:21:00.


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June & Six Month Totals

Bowerman and Choy

June Totals:
Miles: 295.89
Time on feet: 44:36:26 h:m:s
Max time: 2:32:26
Long run mileage: 16.60
Number of activities: 41

6 Month Totals:
Miles: 1,223.05
Time on feet: 202:11:12 h:m:s
Max time: 6:24:15
Long run mileage: 37.83
Number of activities: 153

I’m off the trails and on the roads! June was a pretty intense month. The pace started to get faster, the distances (on average) got longer, and consistency prevailed!

I’ve had to be creative with my long runs and hill work living in a flat metropolitan city. Luckily there are a few places that are hilly and routes that are uninterrupted with traffic. I like driving a little bit south to the Martinesville area where the country roads are rolling and are mostly free from traffic. I run all of my “track” workouts on the road to better simulate conditions for the Kaua’i Half Marathon.

I alternate between  strength building runs and speed work from week to week. One week will be about running hills and the next week will be about functional speed. The focus being on fatiguing my body by overloading stress with either speed or strength movements. The better I can hold my speed on tired legs, the better I’ll do in the race. I think this approach is best for Kaua’i because of the challenging course and the weather. I remember when I first ran the race it was hard to get into a rhythm with the rolling terrain.

The Kauai Marathon 2011

The weather in Central Indiana has been helping simulate conditions for Kaua’i. It’s been consistently in the low to mid 80’s with a high degree of humidity with a few windy days a week. Hopefully things don’t get out of hand this summer like it did last year when temps. hit an all time high almost daily.

July will be a heavy month in terms of mileage with longer distances at race pace. The key, as always, is to stay healthy. Luckily, I haven’t been hit with any injuries or illnesses.

What are your training philosophies? What workouts have you tried in the past? Any favorites? How were the results?

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April and May Recap

Bowerman and Choy

April Totals:
Miles: 240.96
Time on feet: 38:35:46 h:m:s
Max time: 3:40:18
Long run mileage: 21.41
Elevation gain: 9,999 ft.
Number of activities: 23

May Totals:
Miles: 193.95
Time on feet: 32:47:14 h:m:s
Max time: 3:39:30
Long run mileage: 18.20
Elevation gain: 5,956 ft.
Number of activities: 29 

I’ve fallen behind on my weekly updates so I decided to give monthly updates for April and May. I’m working on the June weekly updates and should get back to some kind of consistency.

April and May were the last two months of my base building before I started my half-marathon plan in June. I peaked at 240 miles in june before dropping down a  bit in May to rest the legs a little before starting on the plan in June.

I didn’t have any major injuries. A few turned ankles as would be the case when trail running, but no repetitive use type injuries or lingering pain.

What I’ll miss most about the past two months is the time spent running without much care to how fast or how far I’ve gone. Granted there was one run per week that I keyed on speed, but the rest were mostly time on feet and looped runs.




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April 15 – April 28, 2013 Two Week Recap

Bowerman and ChoyMiles: 85.26
Time on feet: 14:16:05 h:m:s
Max time: 3:40:18
Long run mileage: 21.41
Elevation gain: 4,310 ft.
Number of activities: 8 (1 day with 2 sessions)

The week of 4/15 – 4/21 was a complete rest week. I ran 2.32 miles as a warm up to my weekly strength routine. The rest of the miles were run from 4/22 on. It was, again, a mix of trails and roads with longer distances on the trails. I had a couple of faster trail runs around Three Lakes Trail at Morgan Monroe State Forest. I simulated a half-marathon in preparation for the Dances With Dirt Gnaw Bone trail race in a few weeks and I managed to run a comfortable pace without exhaustion. I did manage to roll both my right and left ankle bad enough during the last 3 miles of the run which had me hobbling my recovery miles. I ended up run walking my way back to the car. Overall, knew my fitness was OK to run a competitive race.

I ran my farthest distance in a very long time, a loop starting from Irvington to Garfield Park. The goal was to be on my feet for four hours. My pacing was off and I ran too fast leading up to the Canal and decided to walk run back to Irvington to get four hours. I arrived 20 minutes early, but the effort made it feel a lot longer.

I’ve been thinking more about my time spent running in the San Gabriel front range and how my running really evolved during that time. I’ve since plateaued and looking to get back to the shape I was in during those months. The video below shows one of my favorite routes through the San Gabriels. The Sam Merril is an intermediary to longer trails in the front range. I usually ran a loop starting from my sister’s house in Altadena to Inspiration Pt. via the Sam Merrill trail. During hot days this run was twice as brutal. One time I ran out of water and drank from the stream at Millard Camp. Another time it was misty and foggy on the Sam Merrill all the way to the top, which was very surreal and peaceful. Now that I think about it, it was dangerous to run solo all those times. Just think if one of those rattle snakes actually bit me! Yikes! (BTW, I hated the mountain bikers on the lower trails who disregarded right of way rules and common sense. The real athletes were the ones making the 4,000ft. climbs with bells and a good attitude. Not the ones who got a ride to Mt. Wilson. Posers!)

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April 1 – April 13, 2013 Two Week Recap

Bowerman and ChoyMiles: 149.32
Time on feet: 23:30:05 h:m:s
Max time: 2:58:37
Long run mileage: 20.06
Elevation gain: 5,669 ft.
Number of activities: 14 (11 days of running)

Most of the miles were on the road. I don’t particularly like to drive far just to run a few miles, so when I do I like to make them count. I made a few trips to Eagle Creek Park where I ran a series of long intervals. Living in the East side of town is challenging for a runner in Indy. There aren’t too many trails or pathways with little traffic to run to. Fort Benjamin Harrison S.P. is the closest park with any real mileage on trails, but not enough to warrant running there form Irvington. The trails around Fort Ben are good for interval training; consistent wide loops that are no more than two miles make for good trail speed work.

I’ve mostly kept to running on New York St. and Michigan St. to Downtown and back, Pleasant Run Trail, Monon Trail, and Ellenberger Park. Boring, but very convenient. I like running to Downtown because I don’t have to carry any water for the 12+ mile run. I can stop in a number of fast food restaurants and groceries to use the drinking fountains and bathrooms!

Physically, I felt great during the runs. I’ve been really mindful about running a slower pace and not pushing hard during my intervals (8:00-9:30/mile; 7:00-7:20/mile for intervals). I think speed can be developed much faster than aerobic endurance, so I’m saving that for the last few weeks of my training leading up to the Kaua’i Half Marathon. The next six weeks will focus on building strength and capacity to endure the long run.

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March 25 – March 31, 2013 Weekly Recap

Bowerman and ChoyMiles: 69.42
Time on feet: 11:50:37 h:m:s
Max time: 4:06:43
Long run mileage: 21.0
Elevation gain: 2,938 ft.
Number of activities: 8

Still slowly building up a base. I’ve been running a mix  of roads and trails. The good trails around the Indianapolis area are far from where we live and sometimes I have to resort to running the gritty East side streets to downtown. The route to DT is very simple, but the neighborhoods I pass through aren’t the safest. I like to improvise my runs in the area by climbing stairs and speed play from block to block.

I got to run Morgan Monroe State Forest on Saturday with a few people and, yes, I had McDonald’s after. It’s always nice when I run with other people, it makes the miles go by faster and I learn a lot from the conversations.

I was ten minutes off from my twelve-hour time-on-feet goal, but I was happy with the effort and not bothered by the differential. My only run on trails was on Saturday, which is a little troubling since trail running is what I want to improve on, not road racing.


Castle Canyon Trail to Inspiration Point.

This time last year I totaled 78.72 miles with a long run of 26 miles (San Gabriel Peak) while climbing 15,385 ft. on 6 runs…all on trails! My sister’s house sits right on the base of the Angeles front range and the trail head is up the block. From there you can connect to hundreds of miles (thousands if you connect with the Pacific Crest Trail 13 miles away) of trails.

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March 18 – March 24, 2013 Weekly Recap

Bowerman and ChoyMiles: 43.52
Time on feet: 8:01:20 h:m:s
Max time: 2:06:25
Long run mileage: 11.62
Elevation gain: 2,018 ft.
Number of activities: 6

Running 12 hours a week is harder than I thought. My goal for the next month and a half is to run a minimum of 12 hours. This particular week was hard to get outside and run because of the weather. It was abnormally cold and windy for this time of year. I managed to get in a few runs in some freezing rain and windy conditions. The trails were either frozen over or muddy which made for some interesting runs.

I have new found respect for people who run 100+ miles weekly. It takes a lot of planning and sacrifice to accomplish that kind of mileage.