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Running Films

Some movies I want to watch based on a few recommendations. I’ve always been fascinated by other people’s running experiences and their reasons for running. Beyond “Spirit of the Marathon” and the Pre movies are some really well done documentaries that tell stories of strength, challenges, determination, failures, victory, and courage. The movies, in one way or another, inspire and reaffirm how some of us believe running to be a spiritual experience.

Lady Warriors:
A documentary of the Tuba City girls cross country team and their pursuit of a fourth straight state championship. A unique look at reservation life and the customs and culture practiced by the people. The movie brings to light the challenges young women face (and youth in general) on the reservation. Full synopsis by Run The Planet:

Documentary of Anton Krupicka as he trains for the 2007 Leadville Trail 100. Insights on his philosophy and motivations that keep him moving. Nice shots of Colorado trails.

Running To The Limits:
This documentary follows the film maker for three years as he transforms himself from an obese person to a world class marathoner.
With insights and interviews from running professionals. Inspiring for those of us that are plagued with self imposed barriers. Synopsis from film maker’s site: