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About Choy

lbl50-second-lap-3-9-13-e1363053683787Endurance athlete in the making; always evolving.

I started running in 2008 when I ran the Hilo Marathon in 4:19:00. I fell in love with the sport and ran four marathons (Hilo, Kona, Volcano, and Honolulu). Running was so new to me that each run was like a new experience. I knew nothing about pacing, nutrition, or even proper clothing; I ran to just run. I would walk out my door and run until I was tired, with no goal or training plan.

In  2009, I started taking running more seriously. I educated myself with different training principles, looked to other runners and their training, studied sports medicine and nutrition, and researched the science of shoe mechanics and design all with the intent to improve my marathon time.

After implementing a modest running schedule just before the 2009 Hilo Marathon, I PR’d with a 3:33:00 at Kona (off by three minutes of my goal time). I hit my goal time of 3:20:00 at  Honolulu that same year. In 2010, I devised a more aggressive training plan along with the help of Gritty City Track Club, I set PRs in the 5k (18:37) and marathon (3:07:00).

I received my USA Track and Field Coaching certificate in 2011 and became the running coach for Gritty City Track Club. In that time I developed training plans and led workouts for targeted races. The club focused on the half-marathon and marathon distances, but also competed in the USATF Southern California Road Running Grand Prix which included distances from the mile to the marathon. In 2011, I discovered my passion for trail running.

Since moving to Indianapolis, I have developed my own training philosophy and have competed well, earning a few overall podium finishes. My next goal is to become a more competitive trail runner. As athletes, we have it in us to evolve and be better than what we are. Our greatness will be determined by the work we put into becoming better. There are no plateaus in life; we’re either declining or elevating.

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4 thoughts on “About Choy

  1. It is fun to see that others like to run around the hills. Once you start you have to keep on running for that natural endorphine drop that happens. I used to race myself up to henninger flats 5 days a week in 1993. I found my very best speed was walking as fast as possible on the most steep parts. Then I would run a fast jog on the flat areas. my best time back then was 28 minutes . When they shut it down after the 2004/2005 rains I started running in griffith park. You can run downhill in the dark with your walkman radio and not worry if a lion thinks you are dinner. Now I am 54 years old, and I decided to go after my old record back at henninger. I am at 34 minutes now. So depending on how much time I can dedicate…..late spring I should beat it.

    • Tom, great to hear your goal of beating your time. Running 34 minutes to Henninger is an accomplishment for anyone at any age. Keep me updated on your progress. Thanks for reading my blog.

      • I just found your blog again after one year. I see you like to climb rocks. Have you ever tried that infamous “razor back” to the second falls in eaton canyon? People die there every year. Not suggested.
        Another one is the fire break ridge above Lake Ave in Altadena. Not a trail, the ridge directly over Lake. I have been there many times, but can’t connect to the paved road at about the 3200 foot level. The last 200 feet looks impossible. I was thinking of bringing a shovel and making a trail. Do you know this area?
        And oh.. I am Down to 31 mins to henninger. Two and a half mins from original goal

      • Yah, I would never go to Second Falls. On my last run in the area before moving to Indianapolis there was a rescue in progress. That ridge is impossible to connect to the road. I can see the ridge from Sam Merrell and don’t see it as very runnable. Congrats on your time. You should document your time on “Fastest Known Time” to get on the record books. I don’t believe anyone has claimed a time for that route.

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