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December Playlist

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More synthesizer! Music warms the heart and on long winter runs I hope it will help to warm the rest of the body as well. Toro y Moi has been on the running playlist the few months. Something about the sound and his voice that make me move.

Feel Good Track of Rosemead Family of the Year
Let’s Be Honest Family of the Year
Treehouse Family of the Year
Putting Money and Stuff Family of the Year
Stupidland Family of the Year
Summer Girl Family of the Year
Suprise Family of the Year
No Good At Nothing Family of the Year
Charlie Song Family of the Year
Intervention (Staple Jeans) Family of the Year
I Played Drums On This Family of the Year
Castoff Family of the Year
Psyche Or Like Scope Family of the Year
Let’s Go Down Family of the Year
Jamesy Family of the Year
Hero Family Of The Year
Chugjug Family Of The Year
The Barn Family Of The Year
The Princess And The Pea Family Of The Year
Stairs Family Of The Year
Down To The River Family Of The Year
Cast Off Family Of The Year
Summer Girl Family Of The Year
Surprise Family Of The Year
Psyche Or Like Scope Family Of The Year
Falling Haim
Forever Haim
The Wire Haim
If I Could Change Your Mind Haim
Honey & I Haim
Don’t Save Me Haim
Days Are Gone Haim
My Song 5 Haim
Go Slow Haim
Let Me Go Haim
Running If You Call My Name Haim
Okay Holy Ghost!
Dumb Disco Ideas Holy Ghost!
Changing of the Guard Holy Ghost!
Dance a Little Closer Holy Ghost!
It Must Be The Weather Holy Ghost!
For Edgar Holy Ghost!
I Wanna Be Your Hand Holy Ghost!
Bridge and Tunnel Holy Ghost!
Don’t Look Down Holy Ghost!
In The Red Holy Ghost!
Cheap Shots Holy Ghost!
Hold On Holy Ghost!
Talamak Toro Y Moi
You Hid Toro Y Moi
Low Shoulder Toro Y Moi
Chi Chi Toro Y Moi
New Beat Toro Y Moi
Go With You Toro Y Moi
Divina Toro Y Moi
Before I’m Done Toro Y Moi
Got Blinded Toro Y Moi
How I Know Toro Y Moi
Light Black Toro Y Moi
Still Sound Toro Y Moi
Good Hold Toro Y Moi
Elise Toro Y Moi



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