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Shoe Review: Mizuno Wave Sayonara

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MizunoSayonaraRunningShoes_1000x500I was given a pair of the brand new Wave Sayonara from Mizuno. This new line of shoe is set to replace the Wave Precision. I’ll admit that the Precision 13 had been my favorite shoe from Mizuno because of its versatility as a road trainer, trail runner, and racing for distances from 10k to the marathon.

The Sayonara is nothing like the Precision it is replacing. It sits on a lower platform and the offset is lower at 10mm. It’s part of Mizuno’s performance training shoe line (along with the Precision and Elixir), a group of shoes versatile enough to race in and also log in long training miles.

The Sayonara weighs in at a scant 7.9oz with a snug and secure fit around the mid-foot and heel area. The forefoot is roomy which allows the toes to splay and be engaged on the landing and toe-off. The light weight feel, secure fit, and semi-firm ride makes the Sayonara more like a road flat, but the added cushioning and durable mid-sole enables the efficient runner to use the shoe as an everyday trainer.

Mens-Wave-Sayonara-Outsole-(09)The shoe has trouble displacing moisture and doesn’t breath very well. During a few humid runs, moisture became trapped in the shoe which made for a slushy run. My feet got hot even when I wore thin moisture wicking socks. I wore the shoe once in the rain and the shoe felt heavier with the water being trapped inside. Also, the outsole didn’t provide good traction on wet smooth surfaces (bricks and wooden bridges), but did well on textured surfaces.

Another thing to note is the shoe sits flatter than the other performance trainers. Whereas the Precision and Elixir have a more pronounced rocker that runs from the forefoot to the mid-foot, the Sayonara flatten out. For runners who tend to land on their heels (even moderate heel strikers) the shoe can feel uncomfortable when running at slower speeds (flopping becomes more prevalent). The shoe’s design genius is realized most when running at a faster cadence and faster speed. Efficient striders will love the shoe’s responsiveness and “just-enough” cushioning and support.

I love this shoe and will wear it as my racing shoe for the Kauai Half Marathon. Mizunos are like no other running shoes because of the Wave plate technology they employ in their shoes. It helps to disperse shock, return energy to the stride, and maintains cushioning over many miles. This may seem silly, but the Sayonara is a good budget shoe. You get good value for the price. It’s a shoe that can do it all; racing and training.


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