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July 2013 Recap

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Bowerman and ChoyMiles: 255.19
Time on feet: 37:20:02 h:m:s
Max time: 2:46:03
Long run mileage: 16.34
Number of activities: 30

July was a very inconsistent month for me. I modified a lot of my workouts by either cutting miles or skipping them altogether. I completed all of my “hard” workouts (intervals and tempos), but was less strict with my recovery and “easy” run days.

My favorite workouts are long intervals. This past month I ran 3x2miles, 8x1000m, 4x1mile, and 6x1200m. Each interval was run progressively faster, where the last one was at lung busting pace. I feel the leg turnover and aerobic toll during longer intervals more closely simulates and prepares the runner for the half-marathon “fast pace” rather than running 200m-400m sprints, which I will never be fast enough to utilize in a race.

Like my running, I’ve been inconsistent with my nutrition. Some weeks I eat really well; densely caloric and nutritionally healthy foods and other weeks I over-indulge in calorically unhealthy foods and beverages. My guilty pleasure remains anything from the McDonald’s dollar menu. Some days I end the day with a caloric debt, spending more than what I took in. Those days are followed by fatigue and my body craving “bad” carbs (usually satisfied by donuts, bacon, and chocolate milk).

The Kauai Half Marathon (AND WEDDING DAY!!!) is a month away and I feel like all I can do is execute the quality workouts and not get injured — I won’t get any faster or stronger. I’ve modified my goal based on how my pace training have gone. Instead of a sub 1:19:00, my new goal is 1:21:00.


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