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April and May Recap

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Bowerman and Choy

April Totals:
Miles: 240.96
Time on feet: 38:35:46 h:m:s
Max time: 3:40:18
Long run mileage: 21.41
Elevation gain: 9,999 ft.
Number of activities: 23

May Totals:
Miles: 193.95
Time on feet: 32:47:14 h:m:s
Max time: 3:39:30
Long run mileage: 18.20
Elevation gain: 5,956 ft.
Number of activities: 29 

I’ve fallen behind on my weekly updates so I decided to give monthly updates for April and May. I’m working on the June weekly updates and should get back to some kind of consistency.

April and May were the last two months of my base building before I started my half-marathon plan in June. I peaked at 240 miles in june before dropping down a  bit in May to rest the legs a little before starting on the plan in June.

I didn’t have any major injuries. A few turned ankles as would be the case when trail running, but no repetitive use type injuries or lingering pain.

What I’ll miss most about the past two months is the time spent running without much care to how fast or how far I’ve gone. Granted there was one run per week that I keyed on speed, but the rest were mostly time on feet and looped runs.




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