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April 15 – April 28, 2013 Two Week Recap

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Bowerman and ChoyMiles: 85.26
Time on feet: 14:16:05 h:m:s
Max time: 3:40:18
Long run mileage: 21.41
Elevation gain: 4,310 ft.
Number of activities: 8 (1 day with 2 sessions)

The week of 4/15 – 4/21 was a complete rest week. I ran 2.32 miles as a warm up to my weekly strength routine. The rest of the miles were run from 4/22 on. It was, again, a mix of trails and roads with longer distances on the trails. I had a couple of faster trail runs around Three Lakes Trail at Morgan Monroe State Forest. I simulated a half-marathon in preparation for the Dances With Dirt Gnaw Bone trail race in a few weeks and I managed to run a comfortable pace without exhaustion. I did manage to roll both my right and left ankle bad enough during the last 3 miles of the run which had me hobbling my recovery miles. I ended up run walking my way back to the car. Overall, knew my fitness was OK to run a competitive race.

I ran my farthest distance in a very long time, a loop starting from Irvington to Garfield Park. The goal was to be on my feet for four hours. My pacing was off and I ran too fast leading up to the Canal and decided to walk run back to Irvington to get four hours. I arrived 20 minutes early, but the effort made it feel a lot longer.

I’ve been thinking more about my time spent running in the San Gabriel front range and how my running really evolved during that time. I’ve since plateaued and looking to get back to the shape I was in during those months. The video below shows one of my favorite routes through the San Gabriels. The Sam Merril is an intermediary to longer trails in the front range. I usually ran a loop starting from my sister’s house in Altadena to Inspiration Pt. via the Sam Merrill trail. During hot days this run was twice as brutal. One time I ran out of water and drank from the stream at Millard Camp. Another time it was misty and foggy on the Sam Merrill all the way to the top, which was very surreal and peaceful. Now that I think about it, it was dangerous to run solo all those times. Just think if one of those rattle snakes actually bit me! Yikes! (BTW, I hated the mountain bikers on the lower trails who disregarded right of way rules and common sense. The real athletes were the ones making the 4,000ft. climbs with bells and a good attitude. Not the ones who got a ride to Mt. Wilson. Posers!)


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