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April 1 – April 13, 2013 Two Week Recap

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Bowerman and ChoyMiles: 149.32
Time on feet: 23:30:05 h:m:s
Max time: 2:58:37
Long run mileage: 20.06
Elevation gain: 5,669 ft.
Number of activities: 14 (11 days of running)

Most of the miles were on the road. I don’t particularly like to drive far just to run a few miles, so when I do I like to make them count. I made a few trips to Eagle Creek Park where I ran a series of long intervals. Living in the East side of town is challenging for a runner in Indy. There aren’t too many trails or pathways with little traffic to run to. Fort Benjamin Harrison S.P. is the closest park with any real mileage on trails, but not enough to warrant running there form Irvington. The trails around Fort Ben are good for interval training; consistent wide loops that are no more than two miles make for good trail speed work.

I’ve mostly kept to running on New York St. and Michigan St. to Downtown and back, Pleasant Run Trail, Monon Trail, and Ellenberger Park. Boring, but very convenient. I like running to Downtown because I don’t have to carry any water for the 12+ mile run. I can stop in a number of fast food restaurants and groceries to use the drinking fountains and bathrooms!

Physically, I felt great during the runs. I’ve been really mindful about running a slower pace and not pushing hard during my intervals (8:00-9:30/mile; 7:00-7:20/mile for intervals). I think speed can be developed much faster than aerobic endurance, so I’m saving that for the last few weeks of my training leading up to the Kaua’i Half Marathon. The next six weeks will focus on building strength and capacity to endure the long run.


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