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March 25 – March 31, 2013 Weekly Recap

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Bowerman and ChoyMiles: 69.42
Time on feet: 11:50:37 h:m:s
Max time: 4:06:43
Long run mileage: 21.0
Elevation gain: 2,938 ft.
Number of activities: 8

Still slowly building up a base. I’ve been running a mix  of roads and trails. The good trails around the Indianapolis area are far from where we live and sometimes I have to resort to running the gritty East side streets to downtown. The route to DT is very simple, but the neighborhoods I pass through aren’t the safest. I like to improvise my runs in the area by climbing stairs and speed play from block to block.

I got to run Morgan Monroe State Forest on Saturday with a few people and, yes, I had McDonald’s after. It’s always nice when I run with other people, it makes the miles go by faster and I learn a lot from the conversations.

I was ten minutes off from my twelve-hour time-on-feet goal, but I was happy with the effort and not bothered by the differential. My only run on trails was on Saturday, which is a little troubling since trail running is what I want to improve on, not road racing.


Castle Canyon Trail to Inspiration Point.

This time last year I totaled 78.72 miles with a long run of 26 miles (San Gabriel Peak) while climbing 15,385 ft. on 6 runs…all on trails! My sister’s house sits right on the base of the Angeles front range and the trail head is up the block. From there you can connect to hundreds of miles (thousands if you connect with the Pacific Crest Trail 13 miles away) of trails.


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