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What I Learned From Winter Running

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This past winter marked my first real season of cold weather running. I thought I knew all there was to know about running in the snow and ice from running in the San Gabriel Mountains, but I came to learn those experiences were only unique to the Southern California front range. Midwest winters consist of  bone chilling wind, deep snow, negative windchill, icy trails, and frozen rain! If you leave anything liquid in your car overnight, it will freeze. It got so cold that my water bottles froze over during a few of my runs! Below are a few things I learned this past winter of running:

-It’s possible to overdress for a run in 5 degree weather!
-Double up on the socks for added warmth. ( I go with the Injinji over-the-calf socks and Smartwool crew.)
-Screwing hex head screws to old shoes is much cheaper and more effective than any Yak Trax type contraption.
-If you don’t leave within 5 minutes of a scheduled run, you won’t be running at all.
-Running in snow is fun. Running in cold rain/frozen rain is horrible.
-Keep moving! It’s when you stop or slow down when the cold will get the best of you.
-Drink water even when you don’t feel like it.
-Wear sunglasses on bright days. Light can be blinding off the snow.
-Moisture wicking EVERYTHING!
-When the snow is deep, running roads becomes a lot like running the trails.
-Golf courses are fun to run around in when the trails are too frozen or snowed over.
-When running downhill in snow, fully commit to a line. Any hesitation will have you slippin’ and slidin’.
Is there anything else I should keep in mind for next Winter’s running season?


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