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Run Santa Barbara Trails

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I have TWO 50% discount codes for the Santa Barbara Trail Run happening on June 15. It’s good for any distance you choose. To win one of the discount codes all you have to do is the following:

1) Leave a comment where you share your ultimate running goal and how you’re going about to accomplish it. Make sure you write your first name along with the first initial of your last name (John Q.) AND Twitter name in the body of the comment.


2) Somehow link  on Twitter with #runsbtrails. Be sure to CC: me on Twitter (@choybacor) so I can match your comment name with the tweet!

After doing both check this blog on Friday after 6pm EST when I’ll choose two people using a random name generator ( So, make sure you leave your first name and the initial letter of your last name in the comment section.


This was a race I planned on running last year, but due to flooding was canceled.  Having run parts of the course I can tell you that it’s worth a trip to beautiful Santa Barbara. It’s the kind of race you can make a weekend out of. There’s lots to do in the area: gamble, wine/beer tasting, beach, etc.


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