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Thoughts On Racing


I’m inspired by other runners and their love of running. I love how runners talk about running and what it means to them. Some share very personal reasons and those are the ones that have a lasting impression on me. Seeing others run or hearing someone talk about their runs energizes me. Their views and attitudes towards running help shape and, in some cases, reshape my own views of the sport.

One person who is eternally stoked on running is Billy Barnett. I would describe his BillyBarnettapproach to running as casual determination. I sense he’d be happy whether he finished first or not, as long as he was daring at some point during a run. He truly is a man that marches to the beat of his own drum. His genuine love of life and minimalist lifestyle is very apparent in the way he practices the craft of running…and living.

So, why bring up Billy and the inspirational stuff? The reason is this Saturday I’ll be running the Land Between The Lakes Ultra and have been feeling flat as of late. By “flat” I mean lacking motivation to run and lacking emotion when I do run. Honestly, I don’t care whether I do well, but I do care that I can have an effect on the race and the race affects me.

Enter The Frog Blog! I’m a fan of running blogs and some are influential to my running. I recently revisited Billy’s blog to find his entry about the 2010 Hilo Marathon. I remember parts of it and what he wrote stuck with me to this day. That entry and a conversation we had a couple of months after the race has helped with framing my approach to this weekend’s race. Run free and with joy. Read the entry and hopefully you’ll be affected by it.

I also remember a conversation I had with Steve and Jim after a really bad Hilo Marathon where I crashed and burned after running a fast half. Pacing strategy was the topic and I brought up the idea that pacing is only good for those who want to finish instead we should challenge ourselves during races to accomplish something more. I mentioned how we never really know when it’s going to be THE day; the day when we run the race of our life (considering we’ve put in good work leading up to race day).

All of the reflecting I’ve been doing has led me to one conclusion; run the race of my life! It’s a new distance and what better way to discover uncharted territory than to find the boundaries and know my limits. Cristina will also be there and I want to show her what running means to me and how much her support affects my running.


This was one of those perfect runs that I can reflect on so vividly. Mana Rd.


4 thoughts on “Thoughts On Racing

  1. Good luck, and let us know how it has been!

  2. Great post and I think the perfect attitude for going into your first 50 and doing something you have never done before. Any kind of new PR in distance is an experiment. Give it what you can and what the day brings you. No matter how it turns out it will be a positive experience.

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