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February 18 – February 24, 2013 Weekly Recap

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Bowerman and ChoyMiles: 49.89
Time on feet: 9:56:41
Long run mileage: 18.06
Elevation gain: 5,557 ft.
Number of activities: 5

I ran less miles in more time during this week. I had a slight uptick in climbing, probably due to me being lost at Morgan Monroe. I ran two faster paced runs of 14 and 16 miles at MM. The 18 miler was a total mud-fest so I did more walking than usual.

I love the MM trails, but the last 2 miles of the Low Gap trail are on rocky truck roads, which aren’t very fun to run, so I’ve been doing out and back runs to avoid the road. I like this option better for three reasons:
1) I avoid the rocky road and stay on softer surfaces.
2) There’s more climbing.
3) It’s more fun! With the many turns and obstacles it doesn’t feel like a typical out-and-back.

I ran my “recovery miles” much slower and added more core and general fitness movements after each slow run. A focus after Land Between The Lakes Ultra will be more balance/strengthening exercises. I can feel a very noticeable imbalance while doing moderate multidirectional movement exercises. When I was lifting more those imbalances were never an issue, but I was also much heavier and didn’t run distance. I feel I may start off on a tangent here so I’ll write more about body composition as it relates to running and other sports in another entry.

Once again the weather has been a hinderance to achieving long miles. It would be nice to travel to different places to run in better terrain and weather. I hear CA has been in the high 70s this same week with trail conditions in the Angeles being “epic”. Mileage wise I ran the same distance for this week as I did last year, but climbed 2,500 ft. more. I was simulating faster uphill runs in preparation for the Malibu Creek 25k which I hoped to do well in. This year I’m simulating even paced runs in preparation for LBL. Below are pictures of some Angeles trails as motivation of what I’m capable of…in better weather:-)










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