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February 11 – February 17, 2013 Weekly Recap

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Bowerman and ChoyMiles: 52.59
Time on feet: 9:20:31
Long run mileage: 23.06
Elevation gain: 5,459 ft.
Number of activities: 4

I spent more time at Morgan Monroe running the Low Gap trail. I find the single track technical trails fun and challenging. Running midweek also meant having the trails to myself. Indiana trails are different from the Angeles trails I got used to in that they are more rugged. The Angeles Forest trails are hard packed and pretty much very well maintained. The trails I’ve been running lately are hard to follow and vary in terrain. One section can be covered in leaves and another will be rocky with roots popping out. There’s lots of opportunities to do the Killian jump because of steep downhills that suddenly end creek side. Snow and rain can make the same trail seem like something completely different. One run this week was sunny and in the 40s and two days later I experienced snowfall and temperatures in the high teens.


Fumbling my way downhill on the Low Gap trail.

I don’t remember why I didn’t get in a fifth day of running, but I bet it was weather related. I’m fine with the time-on-my-feet being less than 10 hours and running less than the planned mileage. I put out two good efforts without feeling completely spent. The only injury I have is from hitting my big toe on a chair at home. Better that than falling off a cliff or being impaled on a low lying branch.

“5” Hour Morgan Monroe trail run Garmin Profile.


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