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My (Running) Valentine

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I’m a firm believer we’re only as good as the support we receive from others. They allow us to recklessly pursue our passions with unconditional love and support.

CIMG4334My girlfriend is not only my biggest fan, but also the person who challenges me to see the purpose of my runs and who encouraged me to pursue my professional aspirations in the running industry. I don’t often appreciate or celebrate my running because I’m totally engulfed in the culture of the sport. In those moments she’s there to put into perspective what everything I do means and how that translates into what others are capable of and we find reasons to celebrate those efforts. Beer for that 2 mile run? Sure!

I love how she listens to my rants about work (I work for a big box footwear chain), pretends to be amused for some new shoe release I’m excited about, the fervor in which she tastes the experimental healthy cooking recipe I found in some running blog, or how she allows me to endulge in some very unhealthy eating habits. Those times she asks, “How’s your run?” –after every single run (even one mile runs around the neighborhood with the pup)– I’m comforted because she shows love for the sport — and for me, as well:-)


No matter how silly or daunting the running event (beer miles, nude runs, and ultras) she’s there to challenge, cheer, and love me. She’s my Valentine! Who else is going to encourage (make) you to run down the street naked? 

Make it a point to thank the person who allows you to take time away from them so you can run. They deserve it!


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