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January 28 – February 3, 2013 Weekly Recap

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Bowerman and ChoyMiles: 46.09
Time on feet: 7:35:26
Long run mileage: 13.0
Number of activities: 5

The thing about living in Irvington is how far it is from any trails to run. What I’ve been doing to supplement trail miles is to run my recovery miles on a golf course. The Pleasant Trail course is a block from our house. During the winter months the golf courses in Indianapolis are closed and many of the neighborhood runners, walkers, and pet owners take advantage of empty grounds. I can conceivably get double-digit miles running back and forth following the cart roads. A back and forth route is approximately 5 miles on the Pleasant Run golf course, perfect recovery mileage for me.

I felt great during this week of running. I had one nighttime run when it was snowing pretty hard and another snowy run during the day. I ran my first structured workout along the Pleasant Run Trail towards Fountain Square with 2 x 2 mile repeats. I’ve never been a fan of short intervals, but find intervals a necessary workout in promoting good running biomechanics and building aerobic capacity . As a distance runner I’m an advocate for longer interval distance (1000k+). What’s the use of running near sprint speed for 800m when our races only dictate our body to maintain a pace much slower. I can understand this workout for marathoners running sub 3:00:00, but for the rest of us we can gain the same benefits of fast 800m running with slower mile repeats. Our bodies work the best when it has the least amount of damage to it. When we run short intervals we tire ourselves from the necessary longer runs that we need to grow accustomed to. The long run should be the focus of our training. I’ve discovered that I’ve done better when I started limiting my “speed” workouts to one time a week (either a tempo run or long interval) and saving energy to put out a good effort for my long run.


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