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January 21 – January 27, 2013 Weekly Recap

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Bowerman and ChoyMiles: 27.95
Time on feet: 4:01:31
Long run mileage: 6.81
Number of activities: 6

I’ve been running more consistently and have been incorporating basic strength and mobility exercises three times a week, usually during my short run days.

Exercises include doing push-ups, various weighted back and shoulder lifts, lunges, core routine, and form drills (skips, jumps, hops, etc.). I don’t do too much stretching, a highly debatable topic in the running community, just enough to say I can touch my toes.

I ran the Planet Adventure night time quarter marathon. My intention was to treat the race as a tempo run hoping to maintain a 7:30/mile pace. According to my Garmin profile I managed to be in the general area of 7:30. A small victory on my part since I’m horrible at pacing. In doing this I found myself up front during most of the race, the result of the fast guys opting to run the half marathon distance instead. The most memorable part of the race was looking at all the runners behind me as they ran along a land bridge. Imagine hundreds of headlamps amongst darkness under a full moon. Truly a sight to remember!

Spoiler alert! I hit my mileage goal the following week with a day of running to go.


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