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January 14 – January 20, 2013 Weekly Recap

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Bowerman and ChoyMiles: 30.25
Time on feet: 4:42:10
Long run mileage: 6.59
Number of activities: 6

While my legs have been willing to do more work, my lungs are lagging in effort. I know that the two will synch with more time on feet and intensity, but my patience for that time to come is short.

I used the weather as an excuse not to run far too many times during this training week. Yes, I hit my mileage goal, but I felt rushed in doing so. An ideal week for me would be to run four or five days with two or three rest days. Rest days consists of me not doing anything athletic. Of course, I’m still logging in miles at work walking approximately two-four miles a shift.

Since I’m two weeks behind in the updates, I can tell you I didn’t hit mileage goals for the week of 1/21. Bummer, but I’ll continue on as scheduled and ramp up the miles. This will be the last week I can do this since the next goal will be 45 miles which will be too many miles to make up.


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