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New Kicks

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Below are a few videos of shoes that have been released within the last 4 months. The Brooks Ghost 5 is a bit older, but worth the mention, the most recent being the Mizuno Wave Rider 16. I’ve had the opportunity to try on all of the shoes, personally owning the Ghost 5 and New Balance MT1010.

Why these shoes? Working in the footwear industry, I have the opportunity to try most of the new running shoes. I find each shoe mentioned below are the best in their class. Think of them as “Choy’s Picks”.


The Brooks Ghost 5 is the most comfortable of all the shoes mentioned. The shoe rides higher than most because of the plush cushioning. It’s like wrapping your foot with pillows! The Ghosts are great for long runs on hard surfaces.

The Mizuno Wave Rider 16 is built a bit closer to the ground while maintaining the same firm bounce as its predecessor. Even the upper rides lower. The whole shoe feels and looks more sleek. Great transition to toe off! Great for faster running and long races.

The Saucony Kinvara 3 is tops in the lightweight shoe category. Great transitional shoe for those looking to get into minimalist running. My biggest gripe about past versions of this shoe was it wore down too quickly. By strictly using a blown rubber compound low weight weight was achieved, but durability was an issue. They addressed this problem by adding a harder rubber compound to the outsole. For those of us that have a slight heel strike, this shoe helps with a better cushioned heel that transitions smoothly to toe-off. The only thing is the upper feels a bit firmer, but it does hug the foot securely. Great shoe for 10ks and other short races. This shoe is also ideal for track workouts.

The MT1010 is New Balance’s answer for people looking to transition to a minimalist trail shoe. They achieve this by adding a little cushioning in the midsole. When I say “little”, I mean little! Most of the cushioning is derived from the raised lugs, but NB added a padded insole instead of going directly to the midsole. It’ll still feel like your classic zero drop minimal shoe for people new to minimalist running, but for seasoned barefoot/minimalist runners, the added thin cushion is very noticeable. The thin upper wraps around the foot securely and fits light on the foot. The single directional lugs on the forefoot is the only problem I have with this shoe. For people who prefer to run on the forefoot/mid-foot on descents, this may cause some slipping. The rock plate holds up well to small rocks and other debris and the forefoot retains flexibility even with the presence of a rigid plate. The shoe feels and runs fast.


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