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Running Blues

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I still haven’t been running as much as I’d like to. I thought racing frequently would sharpen my running and provide me with goals. The races haven’t been very long so I never got a good gauge of my fitness level after my last two races.

I recently ran the Heritage Trail half marathon in West Lafayette (Boiler Up!) and during the race it became very clear how out of shape I was. It wasn’t just that I couldn’t keep up the pace, but that my body didn’t respond well to the pace FROM THE START! I went form leading the race through 3 miles to being 3 minutes behind the leader at the half way point. Then my stomach shut down 9 miles into the race, forcing me to a walk/run to the finish.

After that experience you would think I’d be more motivated to get my fitness back. Not the case! I think I’ve even been more lethargic! I can’t say it’s the cooling temperatures because I actually like running in colder temperatures. Maybe my body is telling me to take a break from running. My friend, Burgos, is taking a hiatus from running after his recent Chicago Marathon endeavor. After the Monumental Marathon I’ll consider the break seriously.

On a brighter note I got some new kicks. Thanks to Mark from Mizuno for the swag. Who knows, this might be the shoe to inspire me to get out on the street more. I miss the mountain trails:-(


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