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Regaining the Mojo

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My blogging, like my running, has been uninspired. Getting up to run the streets of Indy became a chore. Running is a cathartic activity that energizes and renews. It’s enjoyable when I can feel that way.

When I left California I was in really good running shape and felt like I could be competitive in trail races and maybe win a few of them. I was putting up good mileage and  my tolerance for pain was high. When I moved to Indiana I lost a little bit of my fitness and desire to run long. It doesn’t help that there aren’t any mountains or trails anywhere close to where I live.

I experience moments of joy and renewal while running trails, but the dirt in Indy aren’t as accessible as they were when I lived in Altadena. I’ve always preferred to start my runs from where I live. There’s something that doesn’t feel right about driving to a place to run.

I’ve tried new things to regain some of my running mojo. I’ve been running with some amazing people from Back On My Feet . Running can be a community building activity and BoMF does a great job instilling that feeling to the resident and non-resident runners.

I’ve started running without a watch. I paid too much attention to time and distance when I ran and lost my connection to my body. Since ditching the watch I’ve been more “in tune” with my body and have come to appreciate my runs because I know the effort was based on my best that day and not on what a watch told me.

I’ve also incorporated fartleks into most of my runs. There’s no better feeling than running fast and feeling exhausted. Since there aren’t any lung busting mountain runs in Indiana, fartlek running simulates those hard efforts like the ones I enjoyed on Angeles single tracks.

Helping Cristina train for the Monumental Half Marathon has also helped. I like feeling like I’m helping and she always makes me feel like I’m doing something good. I enjoy our runs around the neighborhood and look forward to longer runs in different places. We’ve already set some long term running goals and I feel like we’re setting a good foundation in accomplishing those goals. Maybe less treat treats?

It’s still hard for me to “get up” for every run, but It’s becoming easy. The weather has been cooling and the days are still long.  I feel like I’m just getting over the hump and the days of great running is not far away. You’ll know when back.


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