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May 7 – May 20, 2012 Weekly Recap (Indianapolis!)

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Miles: 53.17
Time: 7:48:16 h:m:s
Count: 9 Activities

5/8 – Fort Benjamin Harrison (“Fort Ben”): 5.9 miles, 1:04:25
5/10 – Eagle Creek: 6.62 miles, 1:07:52
5/12 – Irvington East Loop: 3.71 miles, 31:02
5/13 – Fall Creek Trail: 1.7 miles, 15:00
5/14 – Irvington East Loop: 4.5 miles, 40:25
5/15 – Fort Ben: 7.35 miles, 1:00:28
5/16 – Irvington East Loop: 3.6 miles, 29:04
5/17 – Irvington To Downtown Indy Loop: 11.52 miles, 1:35:30
5/20 – Pleasant Run Parkway Out And Back: 8.27 miles, 1:19:29

Indiana! Big sky, long days, and humidity. Indianapolis has a pretty good running scene. There are a few running specific stores that support the community. There are also plenty of pedestrian only throughways within the city. Drivers, for the most part, do a good job staying wide on streets with no sidewalks.

Fall Creek Trail inside Fort Benjamin Harrison State Park.

The trail scene in the city is lacking. There are a number of state and city parks that offer some kind of course, but they are short and not very technical. Two trails I’ve ran and enjoyed are Fort Ben and Eagle Creek. Sometimes I feel like a hamster running loops around Lawrence Creek Trail inside Fort Ben, but It’s much less crowded during the day than Fall Creek Trail and somewhat technical. Eagle Creek is nice, but too expensive. Yes, for the large parks you  have to pay a per visit fee or buy an annual pass for $50 (even pedestrians who walk into the park!). Can you imagine having to pay to use Griffith Park or to run into Malibu Creek?

I found out you have to leave Indy to get any type of challenging runs. That’s the good news. The bad news is that you have to drive to get to any of those places. Cristina and I drove down to Bloomington this past holiday weekend for a running vacation. We ran around Brown County State Park and the Indiana University campus. We hope to make it to different trails in other states, but for now, I’m content running loops in Fort Ben and running around the city streets.

As I’ve mentioned before, I don’t think there’s a better way to discover a city than to run the streets. It’s actually a short run from where we live to the downtown area (5 miles each way). Twice now I’ve ran the downtown loop and both times I’ve discovered new things about the city. Our neighborhood, in general, is a very runner friendly place. The traffic is light and there’s a pedestrian trail way called Pleasant Run Trail that starts close to our house. We’ve had a few runs around our neighborhood and even ran to the local brewery (Black Acre Brewing) for some ice cream cones and a pint. Looking forward to discovering more running treasures around Indy.


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