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Climbing Lukens


Mt. Lukens in the background on the right with the antennas.

I’ve ran to the top of Mt. Lukens a couple times before, but never wrote enough about the experience. The small number of people that know of Mt. Lukens know it as the highest point in the Los Angeles City area. It sits just above the 5,000ft ft. mark. Even a smaller number who have hiked or ran to the top know it as a very accessible peak.

Typical terrain.

There are a few routes to the top. I’ve gone up running the hardest route through Dukemejian Park in La Crescenta. The first half of that run was on steep, unmaintained single track. Not recommended for novice hikers or runners. The route I chose this time around was through Haines Canyon Drive going up Haines Canyon trail in Tujunga.The dirt rode is very well maintained and gradual as it ascends 5.5 miles to the top of Mt. Lukens. The trail is very runnable and anyone can have a nice continuous run. I stopped a few times to take photos just for this blog entry. The trail is very easy to follow even without trail markers.

San Fernando Valley.

The top of Mt. Lukens is home to numerous radio, cell, and television antennas. This particular run offered great views of L.A. and the Angeles National Forest backcountry. I was disappointed to not have found the USGS marker. You’d think a prominent peak such as Lukens would have a clearly visible marker.

Mt. Lukens would be my last significant climb for the foreseeable future. Living in Indianapolis means having to drive out of my way to experience some good climbing. Even then, non can compare to running up and down the San Gabriel Mountains.


2 thoughts on “Climbing Lukens

  1. Wow. 5000ft is up there. Cool!

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