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April 16 – April 22, 2012 Weekly Recap

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Weekly Totals:
Miles: 81.91
Elevation Gain: 11,584 ft.
Elevation Loss: 11,584 ft.
Time: 15:37:40 h:m:s

4/17 – Brown to Echo Out and Back: 20 miles, 4,297 ft.
4/18 – Upper Arroyo Watershed: 8.75 miles, 491 ft.
4/19 – Brown to Echo: 15.5 miles, 3,118 ft.
4/20 – JPL/Rose Bowl Loop: 8.5 miles, 390 ft.
4/21 – King Taco Run: 9 miles, 378 ft.
4/22 – Cheeseboro Canyon Big Loop: 20.17 miles, 2,910 ft.

Not as much climbing this past week. My calves felt great all week. The hot weather made for some challenging runs. I was dehydrated and completely spent after Monday’s 20 miler. It took me out of the game for the next few days. Rattlers were out in force. I started to run with my hiking pole so I could scoot them along during my ascents. It made for some fun descents keeping an eye far ahead of the trail. A few times I was forced to slide to a stop with snakes that were taking up the entire trail. When they’re sprawled out sunbathing, they don’t rattle! Most times you can jump over them, but on technical terrain it’s impossible to predict that you’ll land safely. Hopefully rattlesnakes aren’t as plentiful in Indiana as they are in Southern California.

Got to run one of my favorite trail systems on Sunday. Cheeseboro Canyon is a nice alternative to my regular mountain runs because the climbs aren’t as long or steep as they are in the Angeles. It makes the legs and lungs work, but doesn’t fatigue them. Lots of opportunities for downhill and flat running. The views are breathtaking (specially during sunset). The saddle on Albertson Motorway offered great views of Simi Valley to the north and the rolling hills of Cheesebro Canyon to the south. Wildflowers filled the hillsides that mimic  naturalist paintings. Such an energizing run.


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