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April 9 – April 15, 2012 Weekly Recap

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Weekly Totals:
Miles: 7.01
Elevation Gain: 728 ft.
Elevation Loss: 712 ft.
Time: 1:05:49 h:m:s

4/10 – Brown Mt – Radio Tower: 4.19 miles, 555 ft
4/11 – JPL Wash: 2.83 miles, 173 ft.

Legs felt heavy this week so my two runs were to shake out the tightness in my calves and to get a feel for a fast turnover. The weather wasn’t the best and it was easy for me to make excuses to not run. I guess my mind was telling me to take a little rest. Did I subconsciously taper?

The Santa Barbara Endurance Run was canceled Friday night (4/13) due to the heavy rain from the previous night. I have too much to say (and I feel like I’ve whined enough on Facebook and Twitter regarding the matter) and will pass on saying anymore negative things about the race and race director. I feel like it was some kind of bachi (bad karma) that happened to me. I had been feeling really good about my runs and was cherry picking this race as a possible “win” race. I knew a sub 4:20:00 50k was very doable based on the course and the elevation changes. I was feeling pretty high on myself and I guess this was a way the running gods saw fit to bring me back to reality – or so I’d like to think. Anyway, no refund. Talked to the race director, Robert Gilcrest, for a good half hour regarding the whole situation and can somewhat sympathize with his concerns. It was a business decision. He promised to send shirts and other swag to each participant via mail. As of 4/22 nothing has arrived.


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