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April 2 – April 8, 2012 Weekly Recap

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Weekly Totals:
Miles: 73.43
Elevation Gain: 15,827 ft.
Elevation Loss: 16,617 ft.
Time: 15:30:22 h:m:s

4/3 – Millard Camp Loop: 9.6 miles, 1,781 ft.
4/4 – Brown to Echo: 15.31 miles, 3,312 ft.
4/5 – Millard Camp Out and Back: 12 miles, 2,252 ft.
4/6 – Upper Arroyo Trail: 6.18 miles, 395 ft.
4/7 – Chantry Flats to Brown Mt.: 30.34 miles, 8,087 ft.

I missed goal mileage by 12 miles. The climb was there, just have to work on extending two runs to hit 85. I’ve also been thinking about a couple of different running schedules to hit my mileage. One is to run six days and the other is to have one or two double days (a.m./p.m. runs). I’ll try each strategy once and see what I can handle.

Saturday’s run started well. Accidently peaked Mt. Wilson after getting lost trying to follow the AC 100 course through Chantry Flats. It was actually nice to add a little bit more climb to the run. The result of the detour was a lousy 10 miles through Sunset trail to get back home. The temperature was hot and I was fully exposed to the sun the entire time. I ran out of water and drank from the Millard Camp stream. Aside from the small particles of dirt the water was crisp, cold, and very refreshing. It felt really good to douse myself in the cold water. The high temperature overheated me to the point where my body was having a hard time ingesting gels and liquids. After a few minutes of cold water therapy my body temp. must have decreased and I was able to take in nutrients and water. I walked the entire way back because I felt like any kind of effort would cause some kind of heat stroke. I managed to continue pouring cool water on myself until I reached the shaded backside of the Brown Mt. trail. Sunburnt, dehydrated, and overheated I arrived back home after over eight hours on the trails. Lawd have mercy!


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