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March 26 – April 1, 2012 Weekly Recap

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Weekly Totals:
Miles: 78.72
Elevation Gain: 15,385 ft.
Elevation Loss: 16,626 ft.
Time: 16:27:11 h:m:s

3/27 – Echo to Brown: 12.6 miles, 2,648 ft.
3/27 – Track: 4.44 miles, — ft.
3/28 – Griffith Horse Trail: 8.08 miles, 193 ft.
3/29 – Millard Camp Loop: 9.54 miles, 1,818 ft.
3/30 – Brown to Inspiration Pt.: 18.5 miles, 4,453 ft.
4/1 – San Gabriel Peak to Sunset Trail: 25.56 miles, 6,230 ft.

Got in some good vertical hiking this week. Solid effort on multi hour runs. I’ve been going to track to work on foot speed and turnover. I need to work on maintaining good turnover and fast feet  on downhill sections. I’ve also been running strides and doing form drills barefooted. Since doing these for the last couple of months I’ve noticed my feet haven’t been as fatigued or beat up after long runs. Now that I’ll be racing in my brand spanking new NB MT110 it’ll be that more crucial to maintain strong feet and ankles.

It’s about time Burgos got on the trails to train for his first 50k in a couple of weeks. I took him on two long runs over some technical terrain. He’s gutted out those miles which will only become easier with more time climbing the San Gabriels. It’s my belief if you can put in a few hours each week running the front range you can feel comfortable racing over any terrain. The San Gabriel front range has a unique distinction of being a mountain runner’s haven given its close proximity to such a large metropolitan area. You don’t have to drive hours to experience long sustained climbs, technical single track, steep descents, switchbacks, meandering fire roads, and high elevation climbing. It’s all in our backyard!

The highlight of the week was the climb to San Gabriel Peak. Antonio, Burgos and I managed to summit both Mt. Disappointment and San Gabriel in decent time. It was definitely a good experience to do some serious climbing over a relatively short distance. After leaving Antonio and Burgos at Echo Mt. I went to work on getting back home via Sunset trail as fast I could. I wanted to simulate the latter stages of a long race where I would have to “suck it up” and experience some pain. I did just that. It hurt having to run down the technical single track and having to climb up Brown Mt., but in the end I knew the experience was good for me mentally and physically.

Bumping the mileage up to 85+ in April.


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