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March 12 – March 18, 2012 Weekly Recap

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Weekly Totals:
Miles: 75.91
Elevation Gain: 3,093 ft.
Elevation Loss: 3,776 ft.
Time: 11:47:35 h:m:s

3/13 – Onekahakaha St. Pace Run – A.M.: 11.07 miles, 104 ft.
Beer Tuesday Run – P.M.: 4.05 miles, 30ft.
3/14 – Speed Walk to Bus Stop: 3.4 miles
Mana Road: 28.77 miles, 2,629ft.
3/16 – Keaukaha: 9.29 miles, 57 ft.
3/17 – Mock Half Marathon: 13.13 miles, 142 ft.
Kaumana/Waianuenue Out and Back – P.M.: 6.47 miles, 655 ft.
3/18 – Ali’i Dr. Night Run: 6.2 miles, 131 ft.

I had little choice but to keep it on the asphalt during my time on the Big Island (except for Mana Rd). Tuesday was what it always will be, good fellowship among runners. Running just wouldn’t be the same without beer. The highlight had to be my little adventure on Mana Rd. The scenery is one of a kind; Mauna Kea standing tall over endless bright green pasture land under a bright blue sky. The weather was a bit tough to deal with. Changing winds and cloud shifts had me constantly taking off and putting on my jacket. It was a treat to run in the mist at the higher elevation. I’ve never run in such a peaceful place. Perhaps one day I’ll be brave enough to run the 47 mile point-to-point route from Mauna Kea Access Rd. to Waimea. One day.


One thought on “March 12 – March 18, 2012 Weekly Recap

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