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Down, But Not Out


I use to have a hard time passing up a run. A sign I’ve matured (just a little) as a runner is my attitude change regarding days off. I’m all for a little time off my feet as long as I know I’ve put in some solid work to warrant a little break. Five days since my last run and decided to take one more day off. I was fighting a stomach flu for two days and actually feel really good today. The mountain trails must be really fun right now. I look out from my patio and can picture all the mud, the flowing streams, and the snow that were the result of heavy rain, but it can wait another day. I think I’ll pamper myself with a massage instead and drink some boba. While I rest I’m planning a few runs that connect my normal trails to those in the Angeles backcountry. Feeling very inspired.

Afternoon image of Brown Mt. from the patio. Snow on San Gabriel Peak (out of frame to the right).


2 thoughts on “Down, But Not Out

  1. Hi Choy,

    I trust you are feeling good today too…..back on the trails? Wx up here is cloudy, windy and threatening rain.

    I was reading through your blog and wow do you crank the hills! I have heard that hills make you strong but can slow you down if you don’t do speedwork too ….what do you think?

    My goal would be to be faster on trail races but don’t want to screw up my road marathon times either.


    • Hey Paul!

      The climbing has made me a stronger runner. Road running and trail running are different and I can see where exclusively running mountains can hurt road times. I still run on the track for intervals once a week. I hope this helps me maintain my road speed. Every now and then I like to run one of my regular loops hard. My thinking behind this is if I run all my trail runs slow, my legs will learn to be slow, but if I can have one speed session (track) and run some downhills and flats fast on the trails, then my legs will maintain their speed. Muscle memory. I think running faster trail times equates to running faster road times for us mid-packers.

      Your running seems to be going well. Ready to PR at Eugene? My sister (a Maniac) will be running Eugene, also. Eugene is a great town. Make sure to get a slice at Cozmic Pizza and drink some of the really good local beers. So jealous you get to run a lap around Hayward. Enjoy!

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