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February 14 – March 4, 2012 Weekly Recap

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Three Week Totals
Miles: 104.37
Elevation Gain: 17,840 ft.
Elevation Loss: 17,880 ft.
Time: 15:14:58 h:m:s

(2) Brown to Echo: 30.36 miles
(2) Millard Camp Loop: 19.04
(2) Griffith Recovery Runs: 12.14
(2) Malibu Creek: 29.8
Brown Mt. Recovery: 4
Track Recovery: 1.03
8 x 800 (warm-up/recovery/cool down): 8

The three week lead up to the PCTR Malibu Creek 25k was filled with short intense runs. There was four days in Portland that I didn’t run. I figure the “hay was in the barn” already so I didn’t need to run junk miles and risk injury. Nothing noteworthy happened on any of the runs. I was actually getting bored with the loops. I had one mock race loop around Malibu Creek that was faster for the first half than the actually splits I ran during the race. So far so good. Injury free and looking forward to four weeks of 75+ miles each week.


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