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February 6 – February 12, 2012 Weekly Recap

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Weekly Totals
Miles: 65.09
Elevation Gain: 13,836 ft.
Elevation Loss: 13,816 ft.
Time: 11:50:40 h:m:s

Tuesday – Mt. Wilson Toll Rd.
Miles: 17.6
Elevation Gain: 4,421 ft.
Elevation Loss: 4,419 ft.
Moving Time: x:xx:xx
Elapsed Time: 3:20:00
Nutrition: GU Pineapple Rocktane, water
Garmin ran out of power during the run. Decided to turn it off to save some power to mark my spots along the course. So, at certain spots (the summit) and random spots I would turn it on to record the elevation and time. Estimated the distance at 17.6 miles based on other people’s recorded ascent to the Summit from Eaton Canyon (9.8 miles). Since I started from the Bridge I deducted a mile from the ascent total (Eaton Canyon parking lot to the Bridge is about a mile). Out and back, so 8.8 x 2 = 17.6. The watch didn’t record an accurate moving time so I estimated elapsed time. I started at 1:40 and I made a call to Cristina as soon as I got to the car 5:03. I stopped the Garmin at the Bridge and walked the entire way back to the car parked on Crescent. So, 3:20:00 is a generous estimation. Overall a nice run up. Super tired on the way down. 

Wednesday – Arroyo
Miles: 7.5
Elevation Gain: 978 ft.
Elevation Loss: 983 ft.
Moving Time: 1:10:15
Elapsed Time: 1:11:43
Nutrition: water
Recovery run.

Thursday – Brown to Echo
Miles: 15.07
Elevation Gain: 3,091 ft.
Elevation Loss: 3,082 ft.
Moving Time: 2:38:21
Time: 2:41:24
Nutrition: Water

Saturday – Inspiration Point Loop
Miles: 19.76
Elevation Gain: 4,546 ft.
Elevation Loss: 4,536 ft.
Moving Time: 3:22:05
Elapsed Time: 3:27:32
Nutrition: GU Tri-Berry, water

Sunday – Brown Mt. Recovery Run
Miles: 5.16
Elevation Gain: 800 ft.
Elevation Loss: 796 ft.
Moving Time: 1:07:36
Elapsed Time: 1:10:55
Nutrition: Water
Hung over from Firecracker. Would have been better of not running. 


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