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January 31 – February 5, 2012 Weekly Recap

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Weekly Totals
Miles: 61.22
Elevation Gain: 11,667 ft.
Elevation Loss: 11,658 ft.
Time: 10:33:58 h:m:s

Tuesday – Millard Camp Loop
Miles: 9.53
Elevation Gain: 1,819 ft.
Elevation Loss: 1,810 ft.
Moving Time: 1:24:35
Elapsed Time: 1:26:12
Nutrition: water
Decided to put in a little more effort on the pace, but not exceeding my comfort zone. A joyful run that seemed to pass by quickly. Lots of thoughts kept me distracted. A great start to the week.

Wednesday – Brown Mt. to Echo Mt.
Miles: 15.14
Elevation Gain: 3,304 ft.
Elevation Loss: 3,309 ft.
Moving Time: 2:43:32
Elapsed Time: 3:02:17
Nutrition: water
Challenging run. Legs felt heavy and fatigued from the previous day’s effort. Power hiked some parts that I normally run. Luckily it was cool, so my energy level was fine and didn’t need to take in any GU. If it was hotter it could have been a terrible experience. 

Thursday – Griffith Park (Zoo to Dante’s Peak)
Miles: 11.62
Elevation Gain: 1,629 ft.
Elevation Loss: 1,641 ft.
Moving Time: 1:50:403

Elapsed Time: 1:57:55
Nutrition: Water
Wanted to visit ARC Running Store and see some people I haven’t seen in a while so I decided to run miles at Griffith. The legs were feeling a lot fresher and the weather was cool. Perfect! I have to admit that I got a little lost inside the park. There are so  many trails that I get confused and forget where they lead to. Luckily I found a trail that was familiar. It lead up to a spot called Dante’s Peak, which I am very familiar with (It’s usually a stop to refill water bottles before continuing on to the Hollywood sign. It was fun to run in the dark. Ran into three coyotes who were nice enough to run away from me. For some reason I thought the elevation gain was a lot higher. It seemed like I was climbing forever to get to Dante’s Peak. Oh well, a climb is a climb.

Saturday – Millard Camp Loop
Miles: 9.59
Elevation Gain: 1,724 ft.
Elevation Loss: 1,715 ft.
Moving Time: 1:29:28
Elapsed Time: 1:30:29
Nutrition: water
Recovery run. There’s something about this loop that’s both challenging and relaxing. It’s short in distance, but it can seem long. Every run on this loop can seem like a new experience. Perhaps it’s the different views of the city below one gets as they weave around the mountain or the varying ebbs and flows of the terrain. Whatever it is, I’m just glad I’m not yet bored of this route. I’m blessed to have this just a block from where I live.

Sunday – Brown to Echo
Miles: 15.34
Elevation Gain: 3,191 ft.
Elevation Loss: 3,181 ft.
Moving Time: 2:52:23
Elapsed Time: 3:17:17
Nutrition: Water
Group run! It’s been a while since I’ve ran with anyone else, let alone a group. Spitfire and Quesada ran the whole loop while Burgos opted for a 9 miler. This was just what I needed to finish the week; an easy pace run to stretch out the muscles. I was able to notice more of the terrain and views. Most times I’m too worried about rolling my ankles on rocks or getting my foot caught on a root. Found a whole new appreciation for the Sunset Trail.


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