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January 23 – January 29, 2012 Weekly Recap

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Weekly Totals
Miles: 55.76
Elevation Gain: 9,341 ft.
Elevation Loss: 9,342 ft.
Time: 9:17:17 h:m:s

Tuesday – Echo Mountain To Brown Mountain
Miles: 15.31
Elevation Gain: 3,139 ft.
Elevation Loss: 3,134 ft.
Moving Time: 2:30:22
Nutrition: GU Cherry Lime Rocktane, water
Strong run up to Echo Mountain without stopping. Walked a 5 minute section to suck up some GU. Ran under control through Sunset Trail. Must have scared a few hikers with my singing, but that’s how I roll. The run down Brown Mt. was relatively fast considering there was some discomfort with my knee and left hamstring. Overall a good effort for the first run of the week.

Wednesday – Paul Little Picnic Area
Miles: 8.72
Elevation Gain: 645 ft.
Elevation Loss: 638 ft.
Moving Time: 1:24:47
Nutrition: water
Flat recovery run to Paul Little Picnic Area. Thought about continuing past the damn, but the sun was setting and I didn’t bring my headlamp. The knee was OK most of the way. Really helped that I wasn’t pounding it running downhill. Very easy pace. I love this route because of all the stream crossings.  Instead of safely walking across using the downed trees, I just ran through the water. It was so much fun. Like a little kid playing in a rain puddle.

Thursday – Brown Mountain
Miles: 8
Elevation Gain: 1,332 ft.
Elevation Loss: 1,335 ft.
Moving Time: 1:27:44
Nutrition: Water
It was suppose to be a routine run up and back down, but the knee was giving me some major problems on the run down. Ended up walking back all the way to the house. Major bummer. It was abnormally hot and I was sweating heavily. Finished the entire 20 oz. of water. Decided to skip Friday’s run hoping the knee will be better for the run at Malibu Creek. 

Saturday – Reverse Bulldog Loop (Malibu Creek S.P.)
Miles: 15.72
Elevation Gain: 2,906 ft.
Elevation Loss: 1,607 ft.
Moving Time: 2:26:08
Nutrition: GU  Tri-Berry, water
I drank coffee before this run, so I was really wired for the first half. I didn’t want to cross the stream for this run, so I searched for the trail that led under the bridge. It was the first time running this where I didn’t cross the stream. Got help from a cyclist that said I had to run a little bit on the highway to reconnect with the Backbone Trail. Once on the Backbone it was easy going from there. Ran continuously until around mile 7 to take a GU. Then it was non stop running until I finished. I know I could have ran some sections harder, but wanted to save it for a simulation run in a few weeks. I think I’m capable of running 2:00:00 flat on the course, but we’ll see. No knee or hamstring problems considering the long downhills.  

Sunday – Brown Mountain
Miles: 8.0
Elevation Gain: 1,318 ft.
Elevation Loss: 1,320 ft.
Moving Time: 1:17:01
Nutrition: Water
Mileage run. Wasn’t looking to run hard going up, but ended up giving a good effort. The run down felt good most of the way, but the knee was a little sore once I got on the road section. Decided to walk the rest of the way home and not risk having it get worst. A little bummed I missed my mileage and elevation goal. Was suppose to run 60 miles this week, but the good run at Malibu Creek salvaged the week.


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