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January 9 – January 15, 2012 Weekly Recap


Weekly Totals
Miles: 53.47
Elevation Gain: 11,430 ft.
Elevation Loss: 9,650 ft.
Moving Time: 12:06:20 h:m:s

Tuesday – Sam Merrill To San Gabriel Peak
Miles: 17.80
Elevation Gain: 4,989 ft.
Elevation Loss: 4,962 ft.
Moving Time: 4:23:08
Nutrition: GU Cherry Lime Rocktane, Raspberry shortbread cookies, mandarin orange, water
I read about San Gabriel Peak and Mt. Disappointment while looking at a hiking blog. Tried to find routes that start from Altadena, but all I found were directions that start from Highway 2. Using Google maps, I saw that Mt. Lowe Road went all the way up to an area that was described on the hiking page. From there I continued to follow the hiking directions. It was spot on! In fact, it’s a real easy trek up to the peak from Altadena. The knee continued to bother me, so I walked  most of the way down Castle Canyon.

Thursday – Gabrielino Trail Out and Back
Miles: 8.0
Elevation Gain: 635 ft.
Elevation Loss: 626 ft.
Moving Time: 1:19:03
Nutrition: water
Easy pace run following the creek toward Switzer Camp. “Recovery” run. 

Friday – Millard Camp Loop
Miles: 9.60
Elevation Gain: 1,434 ft.
Elevation Loss: 1,756 ft.
Moving Time: 2:04:54
Nutrition: GU Jet Blackberry, Water
Ran with Burgos and MCH for a very entertaining and relaxed run to Millard Camp. Cut the run a few miles short and ran down Altadena Crest trail by Chaney Rd. The knee wasn’t hurting since we were walk running.

Saturday – Bulldog (Malibu Creek State Park)
Miles: 12.94
Elevation Gain: 2,945 ft.
Elevation Loss: 1,549 ft.
Moving Time: 2:29:30
Nutrition: GU Blueberry Pomegranate Rocktane, water
Where do I even begin? First of all, I started late due to laziness. So, I really only had a solid two hours to complete the run before nightfall. Second, I was unprepared. I didn’t bring a jacket or a headlamp. My knee started giving me trouble when I reached Castro Peak. Looking at the changing light and the condition I was in, I decided to hitch a ride back to Las Virgenes. I tried gutting it out, but the knee was in too much pain to run fast downhill. The people I got the ride from were going to Santa Monica so they dropped me off at Pepperdine. Bummer! I managed to power walk all the way back to Malibu Creek State Park. At least the highway was lit.  


2 thoughts on “January 9 – January 15, 2012 Weekly Recap

  1. I can’t talk about the Malibu Creek State Park run.

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