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January 2 – January 8, 2012 Weekly Recap

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Weekly Totals
Miles: 44.98
Elevation Gain: 12,115 ft.
Elevation Loss: 12,209 ft.
Moving Time: 9:44:18 h:m:s

Monday – Henninger/Idlehour
Miles: 10.0
Elevation Gain: 2,899 ft.
Elevation Loss: 2,899 ft.
Moving Time: 1:53:14
Nutrition: GU (Pineapple Roctane), water
Ran with Burgos ( Out and back. Hot.

Wednesday – Henninger/Echo Mt.
Miles: 16.11
Elevation Gain: 4,317 ft.
Elevation Loss: 4,402 ft.
Moving Time: 3:13:53
Nutrition: GU (Cherry Lime, Jet Blackberry), banana bread, mandarin orange, water
Decided to run a small part of the Angeles Crest 100 course. Ran non-stop to Henninger. Slow climb up from Idlehour Camp to Inspiration Pt. Right knee pain.

Friday – Brown Mt.
Miles: 8.1
Elevation Gain: 1,434 ft.
Elevation Loss: 1,439 ft.
Moving Time: 1:23:02
Nutrition: Water
Had to run some miles at the home trail. Bright idea came to mind. More news to come later.

Sunday – Mt. Lukens
Miles: 10.77
Elevation Gain: 3,466 ft.
Elevation Loss: 3,469 ft.
Moving Time: 2:41:40
Nutrition: GU (Blueberry Rocktane, Tri-Berry), water
Rocky single-track. The trails, for the most part, were overgrown and steep. The only consistent runnable part was the fire road leading up to the summit. Nice views from the top. Walked most of the way down because of knee pain.


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