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Henninger To Idlehour (Partial)

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Monday morning run to Henninger Flats with Burgos. Was thinking about doing the trails around Chantry, but decided against it because of the Rose Parade madness. Come to think of it, driving there wouldn’t have been a hassle.

Parked on Pincrest Dr. in Altadena to start on the Mt. Wilson Toll Rd. Bridge just west of Eaton Canyon. Started a little past 8:00am. The path up to Henninger is very easy to follow. The wide fire road is the only way up to the Henninger campground.

The first 3 miles we were running on the face of the canyon fully exposed to the sun. Hot! When we reached Henninger we cooled off a bit and refilled our water bottles. Continued up the Toll Rd., just a little past Henninger, is the start of the Idlehour single track leading down to the camp. This is part of the Angeles Crest 100 trail race. We wanted to hit 10 miles, so at 5 miles we turned around, not running the complete Idlehour trail. Ran into some other runners on the Idlehour section. Pros! The run down is fast and in some instances steep. I may have tweaked my right knee somewhere along the downhill. It’s been 2 days and the knee seems to be feeling OK.

Since concentrating on trails (mainly climbs) my lungs have been able to keep up with my energy out put. I’m not sure how much of my trail running skills will carry over to my road running when I begin marathon training in June, but I hope my tolerance for pain and drive to continue will. I know of a number of awesome ultra-marathoners who put up mediocre marathon times, so I don’t think the skills correlate completely. It’s just more fun to run on the trails than on the road.

My trail running goals are simple. Big climbs and high mileage. If I can average 10,000ft of climbing a week that will be good. The miles will come with that kind of uphill effort.

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