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2011 New Year’s Eve Beer Mile

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I had the smart idea of organizing a NYE Beer Mile (Livin’ On A Prayer Beer Mile). Ten brave souls started with nine successfully finishing the race. A spectating crowd of eight people were there to cheer on the inebriated runners. There was so much beer on the premises it was like a frat party. Some even pre-gamed!

The actual race was a hoot. It ended up being pretty competitive with an actual foot race between Dave and Brendan down the final 200 meters to claim the final podium spot. A few puked (me) and the rest managed to hold it all together.

The first place guy, Mike, was a drinking machine! He didn’t take more than one minute chugging a beer and his laps were consistent. What’d he do after his win? He drank more beer! He also paced Voltaire. Stud!

Voltaire turned in the drinking performance of the day. He drank pints of Guiness and still managed a fast time. Looking casual as if he was on a Thursday ARC fun run, he knocked Dave off the podium with a combination of good drinking and fast running. Speaking of Dave, he was the most popular guy on the track for his pretzel necklace. Not sure if it’s legal to eat during a beer mile, but I’ll allow it.

Everyone else turned in respectable times. Much faster than the first beer mile I organized. I have a feeling times will only get faster and the drinking more intense. Only one female participant! Ladies, where you at?

For the record I didn’t finish. It was the easiest DNF decision I’ve made (actually my only DNF). After the first beer I knew I wasn’t going to make it. I was drinking PBR and it just didn’t sit well in my stomach. One beer and one lap. That’s all she wrote. I even managed one of the better puke sessions. I’m happy with one beer mile finish. Any others would diminish that accomplishment;-)

Name                        Time     Sex   Beer
1. Mike P.                    9:50.0    M    Tecate, from can
2. Voltaire V.             10:37.0    M    Guiness, from can
3. Brendan H.            11:09.0    M    Budweiser, from can
4. Dave R.                  11:12.0    M    Tecate, from can
5. John B.                  13:10.0    M    Budweiser, from can
6. Casey H.                14:20.0    M   Blue Moon, from can
7. Michael “MCH”     15:25.0    M   Blue Moon, from can
8. Porter H.               19:09.0   M    Blue Moon, from can
9. Pureza B.               37:40.0   F    Blue Moon, from can
10. Choy B.                DNF        M    Pabst Blue Ribbon


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