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Run To Inspiration Point


Spent another day on the trails around Altadena. This time continuing up on the Sam Merrill trail to Inspiration Point. The day was bright and very windy with the passes and canyons experiencing heavier gusts. Once again I broke my own rule; listening to music on the trails. Normally I wouldn’t for safety issues, but I knew the trails would be empty that afternoon. I didn’t run into a single soul!
Garmin Run Profile:

The upper Sam Merrill offers one hell of a climb to Sunset Point. It’s a little more than a mile of pure verticality on rocky trail. Some parts are really narrow with a sheer drop. Beautiful views of the San Gabriel Valley and beyond. As soon as I turned the corner at Sunset Point the temperature dropped about 20 degrees and the wind picked up. The run to Mt. Lowe road was an adventure. The terrain turned into soft dirt under huge trees. Fast sections leading to Inspiration Point.

The exposed area around Inspiration Point was super windy. The gusts were knocking me over. I decided to stay for a few minutes to eat some food and get some rest from the wind behind some stone walls. It was such a clear day that Catalina Island was in clear view. At various points on my run I stopped to take some photos so @critinaagomez can get a sense of some of the things I’m talking about. Get this, even having worn my LUCKY running mitts, my hands were still frozen from the cold wind! I had a hard time flexing my hands to take photos.

Running down Castle Canyon was totally different from the climb on Sam Merrill. The single track was lined with trees and completely shaded. I can see how this is the preferred route up to the Point.


2 thoughts on “Run To Inspiration Point

  1. You posted ALL my favorite photos except for the one of you! The trail looks gorgeous, sounds like you had a great time. Those mitts sound useless. cg

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