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Sunset Ridge Trail To Sam Merrill via Brown Mt.

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Went on a 15 mile trek through some trails above Altadena. Been meaning to do a Brown Mt. to Echo Mt. connection, but weather had always interfered with my efforts. This time it was bright, clear, and cool. Carried one 16 ounce bottle of water and a GU. I’ve ran the different trails, but never in connection to one another. I often run up Sam Merrill as a sort of extreme hill workout. The trails were nice except for a mile section just above Millard Camp where some overgrowth were chest and face high. Kept a nice steady pace and never pushed through any one section. The hardest part was having to run on Loma Alta to get back home. The pavement was like a hammer pounding my feet from below.

I wore my regular road shoes (New Balance 870) and they were great. I would normally recommend trail shoes on these trails, but the rain we had in November and the sunny days since have made the terrain hard, clay like. I actually think I would have done fine in my Kinvaras (which I normally wear on the Brown Mount out and back). Come to think of it, I haven’t worn my trail shoes for a long time, and no, I’m not a minimalist!

I’ve had problems of running out of water during my runs, even the short ones. On tomorrow’s run I’m going to carry my Camelback even though I’m only going about 13 miles. I don’t like wearing it because the straps are made for people with much broader shoulders. It slips and slides and gives me some gnarly rashes. Perhaps an Asian fit backpack?

Garmin Run Profile:

Tomorrow I’ll be running the Sunset Ridge to Mt. Lowe loop. Higher elevation (I think 5,000ft at the peak) so the elevation change for this run will be cray-cray!

If you’re on your “off season”, what are you doing to pass the time? Trail running? Trying out new workouts? Eating?


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