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Long Beach Marathon – The Race

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I went for it and didn’t make it. Thanks to the Gritty family for helping me train for the race and for being there on race day to help through the early and latter stages. Thanks to Alex for being the literal hand to push me along for the last 3 miles. I think I would have stopped more had it not been for his determination to get me running across the finish line.

Looking back on the run as a whole, I had the most fun of any of my previous marathons. I was way too hyped for the first few miles and was a little chatter box. Apologies to the people around me who may have been offended by my off color humor and observations. It took a lot of effort for me to maintain an even pace and not break out too fast. It was just fun to be around so many other people and to be around people I know. The support in the more remote parts of the course were fantastic and the students along Long Beach State were AWESOME! If you look at my splits around miles 18-20 you can see I was running faster because of the crowds. What a joy! The aid station volunteers were plenty and very encouraging (unlike my most recent marathon experience).
BUT…(not to be a Debbie Downer)
The recovery has been tough. This is the most pain – post marathon – I’ve felt. I was super dehydrated even though I consumed a good amount of non-alcoholic liquids pre-race and on the course. My legs feel like they were used as punching bags. For the first time post-marathon I took an ice bath and ibuprofen. I can’t say it helped any because I’m still sore today.

I know race recaps are suppose to be more detailed or more inspiring, and to some degree, more self congratulatory, but I honestly can’t remember too much details from the race and I’m a little too disappointed to share my highs. The highlights were the result of just being able to run with other Grits and the preparation leading up to the race. It was lot of fun running up on people and knowing I was capable of maintaining a goal pace for most of the race.

I learn a little something after each race and what I learned most from this experience is to:
-Eat a balanced diet during race week.
-NEVER underestimate or undervalue the support one receives from other people.

Long Beach Marathon Garmin Profile
Run Pix Result (graphical representation of my run stats)
Traditional Race Results


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