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Long Beach Marathon Week

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Tomorrow is the Long Beach Marathon. My taper went well and I generally feel good. Looking to run 3 flat and the course is known to be flat and fast. Nutrition has been decent and the stretching sessions has me feeling loose and limber.

I studied the course and set a doable race plan. 7:30 for the first mile then 7:00/mile pace until mile 22. From mile 22 until the finish I hope to run 6:50/mile pace. If everything goes well then I should be finishing in 3:01:00. Of course marathons never work out the way we plan. Sometimes we do better and sometimes we do worse. I hope to do better.

I’ll be taking 5 GUs with me. I usually only take in GU and water (drinking water every 2 miles, when possible, and GU every 4 miles starting at mile 6). Weather should work out to where I can operate with only taking in the minimum water.

Long Beach Half Marathon is also the USATF Grand Prix Half Marathon championship. Gritty City Track Club is looking to move up on the Grand Prix standing with some fast times. We got all the top guns toeing the line!


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