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Week Twelve – Marathon Training Recap

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Tuesday’s track workout was not only tiring, but it took my legs from me for the rest of the week.

Started to use the gym for aerobic circuit training instead of running to save my legs for the upcoming Camarillo Marathon on Oct. 9. On Sunday I did 10 mins each of cycling, rowing, and the elliptical, all at a moderate to hard pace. Also did 30 push-ups, 22 pull ups, 30 dips, 60 elastic band pulls, and 40 lunge series.

I’ve started to stretch a lot more. Wednesday and Sunday I went through a 30 min. stretching session, both ballistic and static stretching. I’m getting the hang of using a strap to aid my stretching and I can feel the difference with each successive stretch.

Lastly, I’ve began my marathon diet to make sure my energy, neuromuscular, and muscular systems is working properly and efficiently. The goal leading up to this race is to be healthy. So far, so good. Now would be the worst time to get sick or have some kind of running injury. What the diet entails is consuming a lot more smoothies, fresh juices, chia drinks, and eating more natural grains and seeds. Last year I went on a completely vegetarian diet prior to my race. I see no need for that this time around (it took a lot of effort to plan and cook vegetarian meals).

Avg Time: 1:14:50 h:m:s
Distance: 34.86 mi
Calories: 3,653 C
Time: 4:59:19 h:m:s
Avg Distance: 8.72 mi
Median Distance: 7.49 mi
Max Distance: 15.88 mi
Count: 4 Activities

Track: 4 x 100m; 10 x 400m
Altadena South Recovery Run
Griffith Fartleks
Rose Bowl Long Run


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