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Week Ten – Marathon Training Recap

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Tired Legs.

Avg Time: 01:15:28 h:m:s
Distance: 46.52 mi
Calories: 4,818 C
Time: 06:17:21 h:m:s
Avg Distance: 9.30 mi
Median Distance: 7.24 mi
Max Distance: 18.00 mi
Median Time: 01:00:35 h:m:s
Max Time: 02:27:31 h:m:s
Avg Elevation Gain: 355 ft
Median Elevation Gain: 369 ft
Max Elevation Gain: 793 ft
Elevation Loss: 1,807 ft
Avg Elevation Loss: 361 ft
Median Elevation Loss: 366 ft
Max Elevation Loss: 785 ft
Max Avg Speed: 8.3 mph
Max Speed: 13.3 mph
Count: 5 Activities
Elevation Gain: 1,776 ft
Avg Speed: 7.4 mph

Garmin Run Profiles:
Rose Bowl Recovery Run
Rose Bowl Long Run
Griffith Tempo
Rose Bowl Recovery
Track: 5 x 1000m


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