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Week Nine – Marathon Training Recap

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Fantastic week of running. Challenging track workout on Tuesday whose effects were still felt a couple of days later. The recovery runs helped a lot. Ran 20 miles solo in Santa Monica that was easier than I expected. I run better when I’m around other runners, which that area (San Vicente) had loads of. I’ve never been witness to such a concentration of Lululemon apparel. Gotta love the Westside!

Did a better job of doing core exercises. All the movements were weighted with plates and a medicine ball.

Still sub-par with nutrition. Did manage to drink some kind of juice/smoothie combo daily, but didn’t get to cook as much. Two servings of whole fruits/veggies daily and 2 glasses of water upon waking up was accomplished. Hopefully I can keep it up.

Avg Time: 01:08:34 h:m:s
Distance: 50.21 mi
Calories: 5,202 C
Time: 06:51:28 h:m:s
Avg Distance: 8.37 mi
Median Distance: 7.10 mi
Max Distance: 20.01 mi
Median Time: 00:57:49 h:m:s
Max Time: 02:39:42 h:m:s
Avg Elevation Gain: 298 ft
Median Elevation Gain: 309 ft
Max Elevation Gain: 620 ft
Elevation Loss: 1,812 ft
Avg Elevation Loss: 302 ft
Median Elevation Loss: 301 ft
Max Elevation Loss: 622 ft
Max Avg Speed: 8.3 mph
Max Speed: 18.4 mph
Count: 5 Activities
Elevation Gain: 1,788 ft
Avg Speed: 7.3 mph

Garmin Run Profiles:
Track – 5 x 1200, 4 x 200
Altadena City Recovery Run
Griffith Tempo Run
Santa Monica 20 Miler
Rose Bowl Phallic Recovery Run


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