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Week Six – Marathon Training Recap

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RECOVERY WEEK! Ran 26 miles, 4 miles short from the plan, but I’m not sweating it. I didn’t do as much stretching and icing as I had planned, but being off my feet had the same effect. The feet are itching to hit the road/trails/track.

I had the awesome opportunity to witness the finish of the Angeles Crest 100 Trail Race on Sunday. Finishing a race of that distance is very inspiring. It’s been my long held belief that ultra-runners are a breed apart. Anyone who subjects their bodies to the kind of abuse inflicted by 100 miles of rocky terrain deservedly gets my respect. It was cool to see the support the runners got from their crews. In many cases it was a family affair and this moved me as a runner. I realize running is a sport for the individual, but Ultra-running is a great example of teamwork.

Oh, the link below explains why recovery is important:


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