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Run with good posture and you’ll run with less injuries and discomfort, which will help with faster times. Proper running alignment helps you breath more efficiently, maximizes the effect of each stride, and slows fatigue. Good news is posture is one of those things you can work on incrementally. With each run be mindful of your body and what it’s doing. Do a mental posture check starting from your head to your feet:

1) Is my head up and in a neutral position? Look at your running horizon. Make sure your head isn’t tilted up or looking down.
2) Are your shoulders back, relaxed, and riding low and loose. If they tighten up, shake them loose.
3) Are your arms in a 90 degree angle and swinging comfortably back and forth and not across your body?
4) Is your torso long and standing tall? If your head is up and your shoulders low and relaxed your torso will naturally be erect. If you feel like you’re slouching, take a deep breath and feel your body straighten up.               When you exhale maintain the upright position.
5) Are your hips neutral and pointing forward? This shouldn’t be a problem if you’ve corrected your head, shoulder, and torso position.
6) Do you have a slight knee lift? Is there a slight bend in your knees at impact? Is your turnover quick? Are you keeping your strides short? All of the above (specially the quick stride) insure that your feet are landing directly under your hips. This keeps you in good running alignment.
7) Are you landing quietly and quickly off your feet? Slapping your foot on the ground creates pressure on your legs and lower back; fatiguing your posture.

So, check your: head, shoulders, arms, torso, hips, legs, and feet. Go through the checklist on each of your runs and before long it becomes habit and you’ll be running with correct posture.


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