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From Runner’s World: Run Your Butt Off! Food Rules, Part 2 | Ask the Sports Dietitian

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Run Your Butt Off! Food Rules, Part 2 | Ask the Sports Dietitian.

All the strategies mentioned can be incorporate or added into your daily routine right away, with little inconvenience. A trip to the grocery store or farmers market is needed if you don’t already practice some of the suggestions.

Some things I would add to “Think It Through” is to plan your meals. The same way you plan your workouts and other important events you should be putting in the same amount of effort and thought into what you’ll be eating. Plan time to cook your meals! For example, if you know you’ll be logging in some major miles on Saturday, why not have a dinner that is loaded in good carbs and protein. How bout a dinner that incorporates a higher amount of protein for those days after a tough interval workout. As I’ve mentioned before, the food we eat determines what kind of runner we’ll be just as much as the type of training we undertake. Trust me! Training hard will not cancel out bad nutrition.

When planning your meals ask yourself:
Do I have what I need to cook the recipe? (Planning your meals will help with streamlining your grocery list and trips to the store.)
Is what I’ll be cooking mostly made of whole and unprocessed ingredients?
Will I have time to cook before/after my workout? If not, can I make it the night before or that morning?


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